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Camp Wickliffe, Ky., Letters of Pvt. Sam T. Smith, 15th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment

January 15, 1862
Camp Wickliffe, Kentucky

Mrs. Smith:

Dear Wife Through the kind mercies of God I am permitted to write you a few lines which leaves me enjoying good health and I hope when these few lines come to hand they may find you well and doing well. I received your letter which was dated the 9th which made me glad to hear from to know that you are well. You wanted me not to say anything to Short about the price of port that you bought of him. I have said nothing about it nor did not intend to either but I thought he would let you have it some cheaper. You said that you had not had your likeness taken yet. I am anxious to get that if you get it taken before Leon gets those boots made send it by mail. If you have it taken about the time he gets ready to send them send it with the boots. I wrote in the last letter for you to send me two pair of drawers which I want you to send them without fail. I also wrote to know how much money you had. I expect we will draw our pay in a few days. The talk is that we will get it tomorrow but I don't think so but there is no telling. I know one thing, I don't care how soon I get mine. Lieutenant Dean is in tolerable health at present. He is not as well as he has been sometime before. We are having some old Virginia as it is raining today. It has not rained seven days in each week and one day as yet. We had some snow Tuesday night. The snow was about two inches deep. I came the nearest to having nothing to write you that I ever saw. That is I mean something of interest. I could sit down and write tales that I hear and fill a dozen sheets but that would be of no interest to you. If you knew as much about Camp Tales as I do. Lizzie I want you to do the best you can. Send me the socks, drawers and your likeness. Tell Leon to hurry and make them boots if he doesn't have them made by the time you get this letter. I expect that if you get this letter before he sends them boots he had better pay the expressage and direct them to New Haven so I will come to a close. Give my respects to all friends and relation, I remain your husband until death, Write soon.

Signed: S.T. Smith



Blogger kevhar72 said...

This is great! My great-great grandfather was in the 36th Indiana and was at Camp Wykliffe at the same time. if you have any other letters from this time period, when the 36th and the 15th were together, I'd love to see them.

I also noticed you are from Columbus, Ohio. I live in Hilliard.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Travel Ohio and beyond said...

I have two sets of letters from soldiers in the 15th. Call me sometime next week at 436-0027.

10:30 PM  

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